A lot of people ask us if there is a viable alternative to ThemeForest; in other words, a theme marketplace that would offer enough variety and competitive pricing. We all know that ThemeForest is the place to be if you want the widest choice of premium-class WordPress themes, as well as templates for other Content Management Systems; however, it is always nice to have another option when it comes to purchasing highly competitive products like these.

If you are looking for a close competitor to ThemeForest, the obvious choice is Mojo Themes.

Mojo Themes – Small, But Brave

Though it may not be as vast as ThemeForest, Mojo is a good example of an aspiring newcomer successfully challenging a market hegemon. Overall, Mojo’s business model is almost exactly identical to the one of ThemeForest: they offer a marketplace environment for talented web designers and developers to offer their themes for sale to the public. Each submitted item undergoes through scrutiny by the marketplace reviewers and is accepted for sale only if it meets all the quality standards. This ensures a uniform level of visual and functional excellence for the clients. All Mojo Themes authors also provide free technical support and lifetime updates to their buyers – although this is not legally required from them, the rating system ensures that each author is motivated to make the best impression on his/her clients.

Warm Support and Competitive Pricing

The underdog status of Mojo Themes is also its strong side in some sense – since the marketplace is much smaller than its competitor at the moment (700+ themes on Mojo versus 2000+ themes on ThemeForest), it also has more motivation to try hard to catch up. This means potentially faster and more personalized support.

For the same reason, Mojo’s pricing is slightly more competitive, with e.g. blog and corporate themes offered for $37-39, compared to $40-45 on ThemeForest.

But: Less Niche Choices

The most significant disadvantage of Mojo is probably its narrow offering in niche categories such as Joomla templates, e-commerce solutions, and WordPress plugins. However, when it comes to mainstream categories, such as WordPress themes, Mojo can be called a very decent alternative to ThemeForest by any standard.

Other Theme Developers to Consider

WooThemes is a private company that designs outstanding WordPress themes. Due to it not being a marketplace but a sole developer, the variety of themes offered is relatively small; however, all of them can boast high quality standards and professional design. The pricing is somewhat higher, around $70 per theme, which is due to the fact that all themes come with integrated proprietary e-commerce solution WooCommerce. Summing up:

  • Specialize in e-commerce ready themes
  • Great customer support
  • Slightly higher pricing comparing to marketplaces
  • Limited choice of visual templates
  • Choose if you plan to sell products or services directly from your website

Elegant Themes is another WordPress theme developer worth mentioning here. The company offers a lucrative deal: access more than 70 templates for the price of one. Naturally, your choice will be limited to the existing templates, yet it is still probably the best WordPress theme deal you can find out there. For the all-inclusive price of $39, you will get plenty of tools to give your website a professional look and feel. Summing up:

  • The most interesting value for money on the market
  • Choice is limited to 70+ templates
  • Choose if you want several websites for the price of one